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WHC (Water Hygiene Convenience) is a multinational award-winning water management solutions company that is passionate about conserving our most precious water resources.

Our benchmark technology is the WHC Leak-Less Valve™. WHC’s business operation is to introduce innovative water saving technologies that are complementary to conventional water installations and applications; to improve water efficiency and cost-savings for our clients.

WHC utilizes its online marketplace called Digi Aqua, to conduct individual water related services to the public. By using our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy, including our T&Cs in relation to Digi Aqua

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WHC Leak-Less Valve™

Toilets inevitably leak and a leaking toilet can waste 30 litres to 700 litres of water a day {equivalent to 7 bathtubs}. The WHC Leak-Less Valve™ is a water control mechanism designed to process leak detection and avert continuous water top-ups, effectively saving up to 70% of water lost through toilet leaks.

Endorsement of Water Efficiency

The WHC Leak-Less Valve™ is endorsed and acknowledged by a number of local and international institutions such as the German Development Agency (GIZ), the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) , the IFC’s Read More

Client Benefits

Our solutions enhance water consumption reduction to save money for our clients. Turnkey water management solutions can be tailored according to client’s preferences, with financing options for the implementation thereof.

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